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Little Rebel Quilted Jacket - SPONSORED

Nicki LaFoille
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Duration:   47  mins

Learn how to upcycle a quilt into a trendy jacket for warmth, comfort, and to extend the life of a beautifully made quilt. Nicki LaFoille walks you through the project step by step, with the help of the Little Rebel sewing and quilting machine by the Grace Company.

Download the free jacket pattern in sizes S, M, and L here.

Cut out the jacket pieces from the quilt, arranging the pattern to highlight the desired piecing and quilting features. You will have a back, two front panels, and two sleeves. You will also need bias binding for finishing the seam allowances, sleeve hems, and front and lower edges of the jacket.

Nicki demonstrates how to seam the jacket pieces together, and how to finish the seam allowances using the Hong Kong seam finish. The Hong Kong seam finish utilizes bias binding strips and protects the seam allowances while also lending a couture finished look to the inside of the garment.

Using bias binding, Nicki demonstrates how to finish the sleeve hems and the jacket opening. Next, Nicki discusses how to create a quilted patch pocket by mimicking the piecing of the chosen quilt. Once the patch pocket is pieced, watch the Little Rebel machine free motion quilt for fast, easy, and beautiful quilting.

Topstitch the pocket onto the jacket following Nicki’s instructions and enjoy the new life of a quilt as a wearable work of art.

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