Holly Willis

Make a Simple Kids Skirt with Contrasting Band

Holly Willis
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Duration:   34  mins

Learn how to make a cute kids skirt pattern based on individual measurements. Holly Willis takes you step-by-step through how to create the pattern, cut the fabric and construct the skirt in this fun and quick sewing project tutorial.


This most important part of learning how to make a circle skirt pattern, or most other patterns in general, is the measurements. Holly explains what measurements are needed in order to make the skirt pattern. She also explains the math behind the pattern, including accounting for the hem band, waistband and seam allowance. Holly also shares how she determines the amount of gather there will be in the skirt and how she adjust that amount depending on who she is making the skirt for. This kids skirt pattern can easily be made in adult sizes and Holly typically adds less gather for adult skirts.


After explaining how to create the kids skirt pattern, it’s time to cut out fabric and begin constructing the skirt. If using directional print fabric, like one of the fabrics used in the tutorial, it is important to make sure the print is going the right direction when laying out and cutting the pattern pieces. It will also be important to make sure the print is going the right direction when the pieces are all stitched together. Holly demonstrates how to sew the skirt from start to finish, which includes showing how to stitch the side seams on the skirt and hem band, how to create and attach the hem band, how to sew a waistband and how to insert elastic. While constructing the skirt she gives tips for finishing seams with a zig-zag stitch so they are stronger and hold up longer as well as shares a technique that allows you to quickly and accurately press under an edge.

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