Ellen March

Make Your Own Chevron Print Fabric

Ellen March
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Duration:   8  mins

Chevron print is one of today’s biggest fabric trends. Learn how to make your own Chevron print fabric with this sewing tutorial by Ellen March. This fun project is as simple as piecing together fabric squares into a Chevron pattern, to make your own unique fabric design. Use your Chevron fabric to create a new tote or overnight bag!

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5 Responses to “Make Your Own Chevron Print Fabric”

  1. Ingeborg

    Snap pouch

  2. Sharon

    Your tips have been very helpful to me. Thank you

  3. Althea

    Very pretty cushion requires a lot of patience

  4. Marilyn parker

    Need to learn

  5. Edwina

    Looks doable, however, once you get one strip done, I see the nice point joins at the edges of each block. When trying to sew the strips together with another strip, will you not loose the nice point and make the chevron have a blunt tip instead?

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