Jessica Giardino

Making Greeting Cards with Fabric and Paper

Jessica Giardino
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Duration:   7  mins

Whether it’s a simple greeting, a thank you or a specific holiday, cards are perfect for any occasion. Jessica Giardino shows you how making greeting cards can be a fun, quick and easy project.


Making greeting cards is not only a great way to add a personal touch the next time you send one, but it’s also a great way to use up fabric scraps. Jessica shows you how to use small amounts of fabric and trim to decorate the front of a card using embellishments. She gives tips on how to layer and stitch fabric elements together first before applying them to the card. Jessica also shows how using a double-sided tape or other adhesive can help hold things in place when stitching. Adhesive is best to use, rather than pins, as the pins will cause extra holes in the paper.

Type of Card

Cards can be a simple piece of paper with writing on the back, or they can be a folded card with writing on the inside. When making greeting cards, Jessica advises thinking about where the writing will be on the card before stitching on any fabric or trim. Multiple layers of embellishments can cause the card to be bumpy and hard to write on, especially if you are writing on the back of the card.


Multiple stitch types and thread colors can be used when making greeting cards as a way to add extra color and design. Jessica explains how to prepare a sewing machine when stitching fabric to paper, which includes selecting a zig-zag stitch and changing the needle. Once a needle has been used on paper it is important to only use it on paper from now on. Paper can dull a needle quickly, making it not fit for sewing fabric. Having proper sewing needle knowledge can help ensure accurate, smooth stitches no matter what project you sew.

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6 Responses to “Making Greeting Cards with Fabric and Paper”

  1. gema

    I loved it. I'm off to make me some Valentine's cards!

  2. Pattie

    That is so cute! Thanks for a cute idea for future gift card ideas. It was a pleasure to watch.

  3. Gai Johnsn

    Are you using the Brother 8500? I have had mine for several years and this is my absolutely favorite sewing machine since I started sewing over 40 years ago. I do have an issue trying to get it serviced. I need to replace the thread cutter. How can I find someone to do that? Thanks gail

  4. Gloria

    Won't open......???

  5. Alexandra Jones

    As soon as I posted that, it began to play. Took about five minutes though.

  6. Alexandra Jones

    This video is not playing. I'm just getting a black screen with "sponsor message" at the bottom. Pressing "play" doesn't produce anything.

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