Ashley Hough

Modern Hexagon Blocks

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   26  mins

Learn how to adapt quilting techniques to add hexagon blocks to your sewing projects. No quilting knowledge is necessary to easily create hexagon appliques to attach to any project. Ashley Hough demonstrates this hexagon English paper piecing method.

Acrylic templates make cutting out perfect hexagons fast and easy. In addition to acrylic templates, pre-cut paper hexagons make turning and pressing your hexagon edges a breeze. Ashley demonstrates what size paper hexagon to use with what size of acrylic template.

To make cutting out your hexagons easy and minimize shifting of the fabric under the template, Ashley recommends using a rotating cutting mat.

Ashley demonstrates how to baste the paper hexagon template onto the wrong side of the fabric hexagons using a glue stick. For a faster method of securing the fabric around the paper template that doesn’t require waiting for the glue to dry, Ashley demonstrates how to hand stitch through the fabric corner folds to baste them until they are pressed in place.

Ashley also shows you how to remove the paper from the fabric hexagon, whether using the glue-baste or stitch-baste method. Press the hexagon pieces again to ensure the edges are pressed flat.

Create as many hexagons as desired for your project. Ashley recommends leaving roughly ¼” of space between the hexagons, to allow the backing fabric to show through, for the best visual effect. Arrange the hexagon blocks to create an imitation modern hexagon quilt pattern.

Pin, glue or otherwise baste the hexagons in place. Stitch each hexagon onto the backing fabric by machine stitching from corner to opposite corner.

An open-toe presser foot allows you to easily align the stitching line with each hexagon point and ensure the three stitching lines for each hexagon cross at the center.

For more applique methods, check out this monogram tote bag.

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