No Dart? No Problem!

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Duration:   1 mins

Join Katrina Walker on Monday, November 14th for a free NSC LIVE event! Adjusting the Bust For a Dartless Pattern. Tired of t-shirts that never seem to fit properly? Have a favorite pattern but not sure how to adjust it?  Learn how to adjust and add a dart or gathers to a dartless pattern for a beautiful fit. Click here to download the free pattern!

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3 Responses to “No Dart? No Problem!”

  1. Peggy Scalzo

    The topic is awesome, but this is the worst recorded sewing video I’ve ever seen! Plz re-record it on a real camera, not on Zoom. There seems to be alot of very useful info here, but I couldn’t get any of it because of the video/audio issues.

    • Customer Service

      Thank you for bringing these concerns to my attention. I will forward this information to the proper department. We value your opinion, and it will help with the development of our online communities. We will continue to listen and work hard for your satisfaction.

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