No Dart? No Problem!

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Duration:   1 mins

Join Katrina Walker on Monday, November 14th for a free NSC LIVE event! Adjusting the Bust For a Dartless Pattern. Tired of t-shirts that never seem to fit properly? Have a favorite pattern but not sure how to adjust it?  Learn how to adjust and add a dart or gathers to a dartless pattern for a beautiful fit. Click here to download the free pattern!

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2 Responses to “No Dart? No Problem!”

  1. Peggy Scalzo

    The topic is awesome, but this is the worst recorded sewing video I've ever seen! Plz re-record it on a real camera, not on Zoom. There seems to be alot of very useful info here, but I couldn't get any of it because of the video/audio issues.

  2. Glenda R Boyce

    It seems to be from your end.

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