Leah Rybak

No More Tangled Thread

Leah Rybak
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Duration:   1  mins

One of the biggest annoyances of hand sewing is getting thread all tangled up. Leah Rybak gives us a helpful tip to help prevent this problem. Using beeswax helps the thread from sticking together and makes hand sewing a much more enjoyable experience.

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9 Responses to “No More Tangled Thread”

  1. Yvonne Larson

    To help keep hand sewing thread from tangling put the knot in the end that comes off the spool last. Thread has a knap or direction. Gently pull a piece of thread (it can be hand sewing thread, sewing machine thread, embroidery floss, yarn or even string) through thumb and forefinger one way then the other. You will notice that one direction is smoother than the other. Put the knot at the end of the smoother direction. The is the end that comes off the spool last.

  2. Elsie Crocfer

    What happened to the conditioner to apply to the spool?

  3. rs

    No need to post this feedback. Moderator: please teach instructors to speak proper English. "show you this quick?" ...quickly. "kina?" kind of. Also, not every sentence should end as a sentence. Hair flipping and low cut shirt is distracting and annoying to us seniors.

  4. Carol

    That knot...I've never heard of that idea before! It won't cause trouble when you start sewing? And I've also wondered if the residue of the beeswax will show when the fabric is ironed later?

  5. Alice Kowalski

    Why was she knotting the thread at the needle?


    Do you run the needle & thread through the beeswax or lay the bees wax on top of the thread and pull it... You could not tell from the picture. Enjoy the videos.

  7. Sha

    what's with the to low plunging neckline????? PLEASE

  8. pood98230

    This only works if you iron the thread after running it through the wax to set it into the thread otherwise as soon as you start sewing the wax rubs off in the material after the first few passes.

  9. maryhutto

    Suggestion: A long-standing rule in both hand sewing and hand embroidery is to limit the thread's length to 18". I have found that if I try to go much over this amount I always have trouble, even with beeswax.

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