NSC LIVE! April 2021

National Sewing Circle Editors
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Duration:   1  hrs 8  mins

Our April NSC Q&A was so much fun! Ashley Hough and Nicki LaFoille talked about creating piping for pillows and purses, embroidery and answered many more live viewer questions. Check it out now to learn something new!

Before the live show, grab our download titled How to Use a Serger and Serger Techniques!

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4 Responses to “NSC LIVE! April 2021”

  1. Samantha

    How hard is it sew Satin? Afraid to try with a beginner

  2. Deborah

    For a stretch knit on a regular machine use a Teflon foot or a walking foot.

  3. Katie

    Do you have any tips for setting up your sewing area, especially when you have limited space?

  4. Michele

    what would suggest to alter darts an already cut out skirt? Wear is very thin and desires fullness.

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