NSC LIVE! February 2019

Duration: 1:00:22

Ashley Hough answered sewing questions live from our Minnesota Headquarters this month! A wide variety of topics were discussed, including Valentine’s Day project ideas, unconventional sewing tool suggestions, and sewing advice for a variety of fabrics such as wool, corduroy, felt and suede.

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6 Responses to “NSC LIVE! February 2019”
  1. Pamela Scott
    Pamela Scott

    I’m a new creature. I made 80 log cabin squares but they don’t all seem to be exactly the same size. How did I square them up before I put on for my final trim and border?

  2. Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans

    I am truly a beginner. What is the best video to watch for someone that is teaching themself how to sew?

  3. Judy

    You piece your t-shirt quilt top and are ready to quilt it. Can you sew(quilt) over the vinyl on the shirt?

  4. Jordyn

    I often have trouble with invisible thread as it is more tedious than cotton thread. Do you have any suggestions or tips for using invisible thread?