Emily Steffen

OLFA Art Knife: Tool Overview

Emily Steffen
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Duration:   2  mins

The Art Knife by Olfa is a great tool for quilters, sewists, and general crafters. The Art Knife has three blades: the triangle blade, the chisel art blade, and the curved carving blade.

The triangle blade is perfect for all-purpose crafting on paper, cardboard, or fabric.

The chisel art blade can be used for buttonholes, narrow cuts, and slicing and is a great blade for quilters or fabric crafters.

The curved carving blade is great for quilters, sewists, and fabric artists. Use this blade for seam ripping and fussy cutting on all kinds of fabric, whether thick, thin, single, or multiple layers.

Loading the blades is easy and safe with the spring-loaded attachment top. Twist the top to loosen, insert the end of the blade into the closed edge of the handle, and twist the rubber handle to secure the blade. The cushioned handle is comfortable on your hand with an anti-slip grip to be sure your cuts are accurate and easy.

The Olfa Art Knife features an anti-roll tab for safety, so the knife won’t roll off your cutting table or desk. The knife is weighted on the end to balance in your hand and make cutting effortless and precise.

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