Emily Steffen

OLFA Art Knife: Cutting Out Flowers

Emily Steffen
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Duration:   28  mins

Learn how to use the precision blades of the Olfa Art Knife to make colorful, three-dimensional felt flowers for sewing room decor, magnets, or earrings.

First, Emily demonstrates how to load the curved blade into the Art Knife handle by twisting the cushion grip to open the spring-loaded attachment.

Cut a felt circle using a bowl or mug as a template to make the flower. Emily demonstrates how easy it is to use the Olfa Art Knife curved carving blade to cut the felt. Cut another circle from a different felt color using a slightly smaller circle template.

Mark the center of each felt circle. Beginning at the outer edge, cut each circle into a spiral. Cut a wave to imitate flower petals along the outer edge of each spiral. For the flower center, cut a rectangle 1”-2” wide and 3”-4” long. Use the chisel blade on the Olfa Art Knife to cut a fringed edge on one rectangular long edge.

Cut a felt leaf, being sure to cut the leaf stem wide enough to glue it onto the back of the flower.

For the leaf veins, cut a different colored felt rectangle roughly the size of your leaf. Sketch out the vein details, then use the curved carving knife to cut out the leaf veins, leaving enough felt around the veins to applique onto the leaf. Applique the veins onto the leaf using a straight or applique stitch. Trim off the excess veins at the leaf edge.

Emily demonstrates how to gather the fringe rectangle and each spiral. Then Emily demonstrates how to glue together the fabric petals, center stamen fringe, and leaf to create a three-dimensional flower for decor or accessories.

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