Janet Pray

Understanding a Sewing Pattern Envelope

Janet Pray
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Duration:   15  mins

Choosing A Pattern

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed when looking at pattern catalogs and wondering which pattern to choose, Janet Pray shares tips to help narrow down your search. Janet discusses the information given on a pattern envelope front and back, so you’ll feel confident knowing how to read and understand a pattern envelope.

Pattern Envelope Front

In this video, you will learn how to read a pattern envelope, including the information on the envelope front, such as the different variations, or views, of the pattern that are offered.

Janet recommends looking for pattern envelopes that feature photographs of the garment on a real person, as they give a better idea of what the garment will look like, rather than envelopes that only feature illustrations.

Pattern Envelope Back

The back of a pattern envelope offers a lot of information that can be confusing, but Janet breaks it down piece by piece.

Janet discusses the numbers provided on the envelope back, including yardage requirements for 45”- and 60”-wide fabric, and body measurements to help you choose the correct size.

Patterns designed for woven fabrics are drafted differently than those designed for knit fabrics, and are not interchangeable. Janet discusses the features of a knit-only pattern and how to choose the right knit. Janet demonstrates how to use the ruler on a knit pattern envelope to do a stretch test of the fabric, to ensure it has the correct amount of stretch for the pattern.

Janet also discusses the concept of ease in a pattern, and how to determine how much ease a pattern has, which will ensure you choose the perfect size for your garment.

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