Nicki LaFoille

Pattern Hack: Chevron Color Blocking

Nicki LaFoille
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Duration:   18  mins

Learn how to create an angled decorative seam on any project, for a chevron seam effect that can be used for color blocking or for inserting trim. Nicki LaFoille shows you how!

This technique can be used anywhere on a garment, or on any project. Nicki demonstrates how to draw an angled line on the pattern to be used as a new seamline. You will cut along that line and add seam allowances to each new edge according to the seam allowances on the rest of the pattern.

When working with seams that are cut at a bias angle, Nicki recommends using stay tape on the wrong side, to stabilize the seam and keep it from stretching out of shape. Nicki is using SewkeysE Extremely Fine Fusible Woven stay tape.

Nicki demonstrates how to fuse stay tape to the wrong side of the seamline to prevent the bias edge from becoming misshapen. Then you will learn how to stitch the two angled pieces together to create a smooth seam.

Mark your seam allowance on the wrong side using a pencil or fabric marker so you have a visual of where to pivot the seam at the point.

With the lower portion of the pattern facing up, stitch the seam up to the point, ending with the needle down exactly where your marked seamlines converge. Clip into the corner up to, but not through, the stitching, to release the seam allowances. Remove the fabric from under the presser foot to complete this step if needed. Align the remaining raw edges together and continue stitching from the point.

Nicki discusses how to troubleshoot if you are finding pull lines at the seam point.

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