Janet Pray

Pattern Marking Techniques - Precision Fabric Marking Tips

Janet Pray
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Duration:   17  mins

Commercial patterns often feature marks to be transferred to your fabric for alignment with other pattern pieces. The method you use to transfer these marks to your fabric can vary based on the fabric you use and where the marks are located on the pattern.

Notch Marking Simplified

In this video, Janet Pray demonstrates how to transfer pattern markings onto your fabric correctly and accurately in several different ways.

To mark notches on fabric, Janet recommends clipping into the seam allowance rather than trying to cut out triangular notches. Janet demonstrates how to clip halfway into the seam allowance at the center point of each notch.

Precision in Marking Circles and Alignment Marks

To mark circles or other alignment marks inside the garment, such as pockets, Janet demonstrates how to use tailor’s chalk. Before marking on the fabric’s right side, Janet recommends testing your chalk or marker to be sure it will completely disappear from the fabric.

Innovative Fabric Marking Techniques

Janet also demonstrates an industry technique of creating a hole in the fabric using a sewing machine needle to push the woven threads aside and how to use a tracing wheel and carbon paper to mark both fabric layers at once.

Tailor’s Tacks: A Delicate Fabric Solution

The tailor’s tack is a standard method of transferring pattern marks to fabric, particularly when working with delicate fabrics or other fabrics that cannot be marked on the right side. Learn how to use a hand-sewing needle and thread to mark both layers of fabric simultaneously with tailor’s tacks.

Thread Tracing for Pattern Marks

Janet discusses how to employ the pattern marking method of thread tracing by machine sewing over marks on the fabric’s wrong side with a basting stitch, making marks visible on the right side and easily removable.

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