ZJ Humbach

How to Sew a Pinch-Pleated Valance

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   20  mins

Making your own window treatments is a great way to add color and your own personal style to your home. While there are many different window treatment options, from drapes to valences to making simple curtains, ZJ Humbach shows you how to make a window treatment with perfect, evenly spaced pleats in this pinch pleated valance tutorial.

Supplies and Sewing

Pinch pleated valances are valances that have evenly spaced pleats all along the upper edge. The pleats are folded out and away from the valance in a way that makes them look as if someone has come along and pinched the fabric to create a gather. ZJ explains that in order to create the look of a pinch pleated valance, you will require several supplies and pieces of hardware that will make the pleat without requiring you to sew each one of them in place.

ZJ shares the first supply, which is pinch pleat tape. This tape is specially designed with little pockets along the back. These pockets are where you insert the second special piece of hardware needed for this valance. The pinch pleated hooks are inserted into the tape and create the fold in the fabric. ZJ shows how to first lay out the tape along the upper edge of the back of your valance to ensure that your pinch pleats will be evenly spaced from the edges and to the center. Once it has been laid out, ZJ shows how to stitch the tape in place.

After the tape has been stitched, ZJ shows how to insert the hooks into the pockets on the tape. She explains how to space the hooks depending on how gathered you want your pinch pleated valance to look. Once all of the hooks have been inserted you can hang and enjoy your new valance. For other fun window treatment ideas, check out how to make a cafe style valance.

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