Emily Steffen

Pinch Pouch for Glasses

Emily Steffen
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Duration:   10  mins

If you are someone who wears glasses or takes your sunglasses with you wherever you go, learn how to sew a glasses case using just a few rectangles of fabric and an old tape measure – Emily Steffen shows you how.

How to Sew a Glasses Case

Fabric & Measurments

The first step in learning how to sew a glasses case is gathering your supplies. Emily explains what type of fabric is great to use for glasses cases and how many pieces of fabric you will need. She also shows how to easily change up the size of case you make depending on the size of glasses you plan to put in the case – making this project customizable for any type of glasses from kids to adult size.

Cut & Prep

Once the pieces of fabric have been cut, Emily shows how to use a piece from an old measuring tape to make a closure for the top of the case. She explains how to cut the measuring tape and shows what tools to use. Once the pieces of measuring tape have been cut, Emily shows how to protect the edges of the tape to ensure that they won’t poke through the fabric.

Sew & Snap!

Once everything is prepped, Emily shows how to sew the glasses case by first creating a space for the measuring tape at the top on both sides of the case. Once that has been stitched, Emily shows how to insert the tape, explaining which direction the tape pieces need to be facing in order to create the “snap” effect of the case top. Emily then shows how to finish stitching the glasses case together.

After you learn how to sew a glasses case using these small rectangles of fabric and an old measuring tape, try out our other fun tutorials on how to sew a sunglasses case.

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