Pocket Templates

Suzy Furrer
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Duration:   5  mins

Learn how to achieve perfectly symmetrical pockets using pocket templates. Suzy Furrer shows you how!

When cutting out the pocket template, use a heavy cardstock or a manila folder, which will absorb the heat and steam of the iron during pressing, and will help achieve crisp edges and corners when pressing the pocket.

Cut the pocket template without seam allowances, so it is the size of the finished pocket. Then cut out the pocket from your fabric to include seam allowances. Suzy demonstrates how to center the pocket template on the fabric wrong side and press the seam allowances over the template edges.

Suzy recommends leaving the template in the fabric and marking the pocket topstitching lines lightly with a removable fabric pencil or pen. Then remove the template and topstitch over the lines on the pocket upper edge and stitch any design desired on the pocket.

Then bring the pocket to your garment and stitch onto the garment over the remaining topstitching lines. Suzy recommends using double sided tape when placing the pocket on the fabric, to ensure there will be no shifting when handling and sewing.

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