ZJ Humbach

Quick Tips for Preventing Seam Puckering

ZJ Humbach
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Puckering seams and stitching lines can make a garment or other sewing project look unprofessional. ZJ Humbach gives you several tips and advice on how to keep seam puckering to a minimum.

Quick Tips for Preventing Seam Puckering —

Test Before you Sew your Project

The first recommendation that ZJ has to keep seam puckering from happening is always testing your stitching first. She explains that it is always a good idea to have a small test sample of the exact combination of what you will be stitching- the same amount of fabric layers, interfacing if used, thread, and needle types. This way you are able to essentially see what your stitching is going to look like on your project before you stitch it.

Loosen the Needle Tension

If you have seam puckering, ZJ offers several possible solutions. The first thing that can cause seam puckering is tension. ZJ recommends loosening the needle tension on your machine and trying the line of stitching on your test sample again. It is always a good idea to retest the stitching after every adjustment made, that way you know what fixed the issue.

Needle/Thread Type

If the tension is not what is causing the seam puckering, another cause could be the needle being used is too dull or not the right type, the thread being used is not the right type for the fabric being stitched, or that you are simply stitching too fast.

Lengthening the Stitch Length

Another tip that ZJ shares that can help seams look better and lay flatter are to slightly lengthen the stitch length.

Stablilize the Seam

If all of these solutions are still not fixing your seam puckering problem, another solution is to stabilize the seam before you stitch. This can be done with a variety of different products, and the method you choose to use will depend on the project being sewn and the fabric being used.

After you’ve learned how to make all of your sewing projects look professional with no more puckered seams, get more helpful sewing tips for professional projects and garments, like how to sew enclosed seams and much more!

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5 Responses to “Quick Tips for Preventing Seam Puckering”

  1. Thelmalita Williams

    This helped me out a lot thankyou

  2. Valerie

    Really useful sewing tip presentation, but absolutely no need to mention seeking support from a husband before buying s new sewing machine. This is the 21st century. Women are not children and perfectly capable of judging when to spend money wisely 🙄

  3. Suzanne Gabel

    If I missed your mention of this, my apologies. I've learned that sometimes adjusting the presser foot pressure setting up or down a little will help prevent puckering, but it may depend upon the individual machine.

  4. JUDIE

    I did find this information useful. Could you also talk about sewing on knits? I have done a zigzag for the hem, and the stitches popped! I had a stretch needle, with a fairly long stitch.

  5. Deeelder55

    Loved this. Good information

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