Quick Tips: Tube Turning With Yarn

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   4  mins

Learn how to turn narrow tubes right side out quickly and easily. Ashley Hough shows you a sewing hack that makes this often tedious, frustrating process smooth and fast.

When sewing a project that requires spaghetti straps, or a drawstring for a sweatpants or bag project, knowing how to turn a skinny tube right side out makes all the difference. When creating the tube, Ashley recommends leaving the strip slightly longer than needed, so you will have extra to trim away after turning the tube right side out.

The trick to turning a tube right side out easily is to use yarn, heavy string, or ribbon to aid in turning. Cut a length of the yarn/ribbon slightly longer than the length of the fabric strip. Place the yarn on the right side of the strip at the end you will be trimming off. Fold the fabric strip in half lengthwise, sandwiching the yarn. Stitch across the short end, backstitching several times over the yarn, then stitch the long edge of the strip, making sure not to catch the yarn in the stitching on the long edge.

Trim the long edge seam allowance down by half and clip the corner. Gently pull on the yarn to turn the tube right side out, then trim off the stitched short end.

Turning a very skinny tube right side out can be challenging. Narrow tubes can be used for tank top spaghetti straps, drawstrings for sweatpants and sweatshirts, purse or keychain straps, and many others. Using this trick, you will be able to create narrow tubes using fabric strips with ease.

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One Response to “Quick Tips: Tube Turning With Yarn”

  1. BC Cabernet

    what a brilliant idea! I stopped making those kind of straps because they were too difficult to turn out using a hook. I am definitely going to do this next time! TY. :)

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