ZJ Humbach

Rod Pocket Valance

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   14  mins

Window treatments are a great home enhancement sewing project. While there are many different styles of window treatments that can be made, rod pocket valances can come together fairly quickly and easily. ZJ Humbach shows how to sew a rod pocket valance.

Sewing a Rod Pocket Valance

ZJ starts showing how to sew a rod pocket valance by talking about some of the different types of fabric that can be used for window treatments. She then talks about how the fabric needs to be hemmed. While a standard double fold hem of nearly any size can work on a rod pocket valance, there are generally wider recommended widths of hems for window treatments. ZJ explains what those hem widths are and why they are different on the top and bottom of the window treatment from the sides. She also shares the order she recommends stitching the hems in.

ZJ then moves on to talk about some of the sewing tools she likes to use when making rod pocket valances. These include a hem pressing tool by Dritz and loop tape made specifically for rod pocket valances. ZJ shows what the tape is and how it should be applied to the wrong side of the valance. She explains how to measure the tape and then mark and space the tape out so that the loops of the tape end at similar spaces on both sides of the window treatment. She explains how this is important because it determines how the valance hangs when the window treatment is open.

ZJ wraps up the tutorial by showing the type of rod that can be used with this window treatment and how to put the valance on it. Once you master how to sew a rod pocket valance, learn how to make a cafe-style valance.

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