Serger Project: Sewing a Blanket

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Fleece blankets make the perfect gift for just about anyone! Whether you’re making one for the holidays or whipping one up as a last minute gift, ZJ Humbach shows you how you can easily put together a nicely finished blanket in just minutes. She starts by offering size suggestions for sewing a blanket – from infant to child, pet, and even car seat size. Next she shows an easy way to cut out the fabric that will make the stitching go a lot faster. ZJ explains what thread to use in your serger as well as what stitch she prefers, and even shows examples of how changing the stitch can change the look of the blanket edge. She also explains how you should feed your fabric through the machine to avoid stretching, which can happen along the edge of a fleece fabric if it is pulled too hard. Once your blanket is stitched ZJ explains several ways the thread ends can be finished so your project doesn’t ravel, and which method she prefers depending on who the blanket is being made for.

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