How to Sew a Fun, Easy and Unique Coin Purse

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A coin purse is a fun project that can be made from small amounts of fabric and interfacing. Jessica Giardino shows you how to cut out and sew a coin purse and then attach it to either a sew in or glue in clasp frame.


For the coin purse Jessica shows how to make in this tutorial, you need only small pieces of an outer fabric, inner fabric and interfacing. Jessica explains that she uses a medium weight interfacing for her purse, however lighter or heavier weight interfacing and even fusible fleece can be used as well. For this project you will also need a clasp frame. Jessica shows several different clasp frame variations, including both plastic and metal as well as sew in and glue in varieties. She then explains how a pattern piece will typically come with a frame that explains how to sew a purse that will fit inside the size and shape of frame chosen.


To start constructing this fun diy sewing project, Jessica shows how the first step is to fuse the interfacing in place to the outer fabric pieces. Then, depending on the pattern piece that came with your coin purse frame, there may be darts at the bottom that need to be stitched in order to help create shape to the purse. Jessica demonstrates how to stitch and press the darts in place and then how to sew the inner and outer pieces. Once stitched, the lining can then be inserted into the coin purse and stitched in place.


Once the coin purse construction is complete, Jessica shows how to insert it into the frame. She first shows how to glue the purse in place, explaining what type of glue she likes to use as well as what tools she finds helpful. She then shows how to baste and sew a clasp frame in place.

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