Sew a Quick and Easy T-Shirt Pillow

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Duration:   2  mins

Learn to sew a quick and easy t-shirt pillow. Tara Rex shows you how to stitch and stuff a pillow in just a few simple steps.


The first step in making a t-shirt pillow is selecting a shirt. Tara explains that these pillows can be used to remember a fun family vacation or even be given as a gift to a grown child by using an old sports team shirt from their youth. After you select your shirt, turn it inside out to be stitched. Tara shows how she likes to stitch along the bottom of the shirt as well as along both sleeves and leave the neck edge open for stuffing. After the shirt has been stitched Tara demonstrates how to turn it right side out, explaining that you don’t need to clips corners or be extra precise with the turning since it will be stuffed to create the t-shirt pillow.


With the neck edge of the shirt left unstitched, Tara shows how easy it is to add stuffing to the pillow. In the case of a pillow like this t-shirt pillow, DIY pillow stuffing using batting is much easier that using a pillow form, since the t-shirt is not stitched into a perfect square. Once the t-shirt has been stuffed the neck edge can be stitched and the pillow is complete.


While this t-shirt pillow is a quick and easy project, it can still use some planning when it comes to the pillow design. If your shirt has an intricate design or maybe you’ve added a design to it with a fun t-shirt applique idea, you may want to center the design on the pillow. Consider shortening the shirt before turning it into a pillow so it is more of a square than a rectangle and the design can be centered. Also, as Tara shows, if your shirt has a fun or decorative tag be sure to stitch the neck opening in a way that allows that tag to still be seen.

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9 Responses to “Sew a Quick and Easy T-Shirt Pillow”

  1. Barbara Jackson

    I made two of my grandsons 3 yrs ago, one is 18 and off to college, the other on is now 13, they are both large and medium. Not child size and they are still on there beds and love them. Like yours also.

  2. Melissa Hollowell

    New member and I have been wanting to do this for some time. Problem is the shirt is v-neck. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  3. Amy Hall

    Any ideas for a tshirt with long sleeves? I have a souvenir tshirt that my grandson got from his grandpa before he passed away and I thought this was a perfect way to keep the memory even though he hasn’t been able to wear the shirt for years.

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