Janet Pray

Sewing Buttonholes & Buttons

Janet Pray
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Duration:   13  mins

In this video, Janet Pray demonstrates how to easily and accurately mark buttonhole placements on a menswear placket, without having to transfer the markings from the pattern. Plus, learn how to sew buttons on by hand for a secure, professional look, and the difference between button designs for men and women.

Janet discusses how to measure and mark buttonholes on a shirt placket by using a ruler and a removable fabric marker or pen. Janet also discusses the placement for the buttonholes on the cuff.

Test stitch two to three buttonholes on a stitch sample of the fabric you’re using, to ensure the buttons fit easily through the buttonhole. To keep the threads from raveling, Janet recommends placing Fray Check on the wrong side of the buttonhole.

Janet then discusses how to stitch on buttons to allow enough space between the button and the fabric. If the button is stitched too tightly against the fabric, when inserted through the buttonhole, the button placket will pucker. There are spacer tools for sewing buttons on by machine or by hand, to ensure there is enough thread between the button and fabric. Janet demonstrates how to mark the button placements using a pin through the buttonhole, and how to use the pin as a spacer.

Though buttons in children’s and women’s clothing are oftentimes as much of a design detail as the fabric itself, in men’s dress shirts, the buttons are typically ½” and are not intended to be the focal point of the garment.

Janet demonstrates professional tips and techniques for preparing the thread and securely sewing buttons on by hand.

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