Jessica Giardino

Sewing Ergonomics: Tools, Tips and Techniques

Jessica Giardino
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Duration:   8  mins

Jessica Giardino and Ashley Hough present helpful techniques to prevent any aches or pains that may arise when sewing. Learn how to establish a safe and comfortable sewing environment. Also, witness different sewing tools designed to reduce any muscle strains caused by hours of sewing. Use these sewing techniques for years to come.

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9 Responses to “Sewing Ergonomics: Tools, Tips and Techniques”

  1. Gail

    What is the name of the back brace that she called counter balance?

  2. Kate

    This was very helpful. At the start of COVID madness I brought out my unused sewing machine to make masks for my 3 daughters who work in the hospital. After a Facebook thank you from my daughter I had TONS of requests for help for those medical professionals in need of masks. I was sewing 10 hour weekend and everyday after work for hours. Changing my sewing area every few days because I have no actual sewing table and could find no good spot. I didn’t think I’d sew again after I helped during the pandemic and didn’t want to spend the money for a nice table. Then I had the WORST left shoulder pain that sent me to the ER. Not having the table, my chair and more ergonomic set up for those long days sewing gave me a bad trapezius injury. I looked all over for helpful sewing tips and found nothing until I found this national sewing circle group. I thought I’d put my machine away for good after that repetitive movement injury but using some good tips and making changes I’m still sewing and have donated every single mask (500+). Now making some outdoor pillows, and dog collar bandanas for fun ! My goal is to purchase a much better machine ( I have a very inexpensive starter). Then I will use all of these tips and ideas and set up a nice sewing station! Thank you for helping me through my mad sewing over past 10 weeks and giving me tips that have given me a new found of live for sewing !!

  3. Sandra Matteson

    I can’t get into this web sit. Why?

  4. Lillian O Taylor

    It seems to me that if this narrator wanted you to know what "position" she is talking about she would show the hands in that position, not keep the focus on the front of the machine!

  5. Joan Parsels

    What is the retail name of the counter balance belting that helps one stand up straight, and where can I purchase one? Also, what is the retail name of the ergonomic gloves and where can I purchase a pair? Thank you.

  6. Janet Hammond

    Thank you Jessica for this informative video. I love Jessica's delivery - she is so smiley and cheerful, you just want to listen to her - it's like having your BFF in the sewing room!

  7. katherine

    had my volume all the way up and could hardly hear this video

  8. auntiena

    My spine is almost completely fused, so finding a comfortable position to sew in is tough. At a nearby sewing store I found a chair that tilts forward and a wedge for my sewing machine to tilt it forward. They work very well for me!

  9. Joyce Partee

    I am about 5 ft.tall & sewing tables & cutting tables are just too high for me. I have found a good solution for me. When the chair is raised so the sewing surface is the right height, my feet won't reach the floor. I have a pair of platform shoes that are just right for me so I can easily reach the foot pedal & my other foot is comfortably on the floor. I haven't learned to walk in them, they stay in the sewing room. one problem I have is the light or should I say lack of light on the bed of the machine. The best help I've found is the bendable light with bulbs on both ends that you wrap around your neck.

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