Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips

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Duration:   12  mins

Jessica Giardino provides helpful tips on how to perform maintenance on your own sewing machine. Learn how to make repairs to your machine at home to save money and stitch happily. Find out how often you should perform maintenance on your machine as well as what tools you may need to help clean your sewing machine.

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8 Responses to “Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips”

  1. Norma

    I would not recommend ever using steel wool on your machine for any reason. Better to take it to a repair shop. A little bit of money spent can save a lot later.

  2. maryhutto

    I enjoyed this video with all its good advice and tips. Thanks, Jessica, for your clear explanations!
    One thing I wanted to mention is about the replacement light bulb in the universal machine maintenance kit. Most machine light bulbs are either screw-in or snap-in. Check to make sure the light bulb in this kit matches the one in your machine. Ask me how I know about this!

  3. pratibha a

    I am new to sewing. needle is broken. Now I am unable to align auto threader and needle. Needle is coming into the auro threader. Please suggest me way out.

    • Aurora Sisneros

      Hey Pratibha! I have to admit I have TERRIBLE luck with the auto threaders. They bend very easily, and I’ve even had a few break right off! It’s quilt possible that it was damaged in the breaking of the needle. My suggestion is to take it in to be looked at and possibly repaired. Or, if you are like me, get out your reading glasses, and thread it the old fashioned way! :)

  4. Topaz

    Thank you very much for your reply,
    I cleaned the machine and changed the tension of the upper thread.
    I will adjust the tension on the bobbin. And change my needle again.
    Hope that will help me …..
    Thank you,

    By the way,
    I really love your videos.
    Are flowing, clear and teaching. *

  5. Topaz

    Why the tension between the Bobin to the upper thread constantly loosens and the stitches are unsuccessful ?
    Waiting for an answer urgently,
    Thanks, Topaz.

    • Aurora Sisneros

      Has your machine been cleaned recently? If so, try putting the tension of the upper thread on a higher number. There should be a wheel or knob somewhere along the threading path. If that STILL doesn’t work, you may need to adjust the tension on the bobbin. If you have a drop in bobbin, its best to take it in to have it adjusted. If you have the kind with the removeable silver bobbin casing, you can tighten that teeny tiny screw just a wee bit and test it out. Hope this helps!

    • sheri ahmet

      check very carefully all the threads are running the right away during threading… that the reel at the top is unwinding in the correct direction….also try flipping the bobbin the other way around and try it again each time ….this usually happens to stitches when the machine is not threaded correctly. its worth checking this before interfering with the tensions.

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