Leah Rybak

Sewing Room Organization Tips: Index Cards

Leah Rybak
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Duration:   2  mins

Leah Rybak presents a fun and easy tip to help you stay organized. See how helpful this tip can be for remembering unique ideas for the future as well as remembering what gifts you have given to friends or family in the past. Find out how organized you can be with index cards.

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7 Responses to “Sewing Room Organization Tips: Index Cards”

  1. Aubrey

    Another good idea (if you make people clothing) would be to write down their sizing and measurements!

  2. Darcie Daniels

    If you are tech inclined you could do the same thing with a digital organizer like Microsoft One Note. You would need to take a picture of your swatches with a smart phone.

  3. Patricia

    video froze at the beginning

  4. joyce

    Video shows that it's down loading, but the screen stays black

  5. BW

    Would be very helpful to provide captions or a script for those who cannot hear or hear well. Thank you

  6. Mrs. K.

    Another helpful hint would be to put pictures of the projects that were made inside the file as well. Then if someone sees the project and likes it you can do the same one with different fabric.

  7. kelly hanson

    Wonderful tips Leah!

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