Tips for Working with and Sewing Sequin Fabric

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Sequin fabric can look wonderful when added to a garment or home decor project, however it can be difficult to work with. Ashley Hough gives you tips for sewing sequin fabric that will make cutting out and working with the fabric much easier.

Sequin Types

When sewing sequin fabric, it is important to know what kind of sequin fabric you are working with. There are two main types of sequin fabric and Ashley shares both types with you. The types of sequin fabric are determined by how the sequins are attached to the base fabric, which is generally either with glue or they are sewn in place. Ashley also shows some of the different ways that sequins can be sewn onto fabric, either tightly or loosely spaced all over the fabric or sewn in just some areas. Ashley then gives tips on cutting out sequin fabric including using a dedicated pair of scissors since plastic sequins can dull fabric scissors quickly.


When sewing sequin fabric, removing the sequins from the seam line is sometimes required. Ashley explains which type of sequin fabric requires this preparation and which can be sewn through using the proper needle. When working with different fabric, especially specialty fabric like sequin fabric, using the proper needles, thread and other tools is important.

Ashley then demonstrates two different methods for removing sequin from the seam allowance prior to sewing sequin fabric. The method you choose to use will depend on how the sequins are attached to the fabric as well as whether you plan to re-use or re-attach the sequins to the fabric once the seam is stitched. Ashley also shares more tips on sewing sequins including how to finish seams in a garment that are going to lay against the skin as sequins can be scratchy and uncomfortable.

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3 Responses to “Tips for Working with and Sewing Sequin Fabric”
  1. Brenda Bush

    Enjoyed the video on sequins but I have a question. I tried to sew on the type A or 1 and used the denim needle. But I had so many skipped stitches and I think it was because of the glue. My needle got all sticky from it. How do I overcome this problem?

    • Customer Service

      I have to admit that I have never had this issue before. Typically glue does not gum up a needle once it is dry. I would recommend trying to remove the sequins and glue as I showed by using a warm iron. I know this will be a lengthy process, but it may be worth it in order to reduce the skipped stitches and help the end project look nicer. Also, if you feel like there is still glue or residue on your needle- clean if off using a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol.

  2. Abby Taylor

    I have trouble with the glue sticking to my machine needles when sewing type 1 sequin fabric


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