Improve Your Sewing With These Tips & Tricks

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Duration: 30:13

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Whether you have been sewing for years or are just getting into it, learning new tips and tricks can help you save time and improve your techniques. Learn some of Nicki LaFoille’s favorite sewing tips and tricks.

Sewing Tips and Tricks

One of the first tips that Nicki shares is the importance of keeping an accurate seam allowance when stitching. While there are generally marks on a throat plate that can help you align your fabric, or you can use marks on a presser foot, sometimes you need more guidance. Nicki shows how you can use painters tape on your machine to help in marking seam allowances.

One of the next sewing tips that Nicki shares is the importance of making sure that you insert the bobbin into your sewing machine with the thread coming off of the bobbin in the correct direction. If you are unsure what direction that is supposed to be, most machines will have little diagrams on or near the bobbin case that show the correct way the thread should come off of the bobbin.

Other sewing tips that Nicki shares include easy ways to keep a machine wound bobbin with a spool of thread so that they can be easily found together.

She also talks about using a non-sewing room-related product, tissue paper, as a layer of stabilizer when stitching some fabrics that can shift, stretch, or in other ways be difficult to sew with.

Lastly, Nicki talks about using pinking shears and how they can be used to finish the raw edge of fabric so that it doesn’t ravel as much as if it was left straight.

Once you learn all of Nicki’s top sewing tips and techniques, learn more tips for organizing your sewing supplies and get 10 sewing tips from the experts.