Tara Rex

Sewing Tips: Easy Edge Finishing

Tara Rex
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Duration:   1  mins

If you’re like most people with lots of sewing projects to finish, you want the best way to do things, but also the quickest and easiest way too. Tara Rex shares a few sewing tips on how she saves some time finishing edges on a quick pillow project. Tara shows how she finished the edges of a fabric first before she even cuts what she needs for the pillow back. This way, after you finish your pillow front you can simply cut the fabric in half, overlap the finished edges and stitch your pillow together. You can use the fabric at the finished width, or trim it down for use on something smaller.

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11 Responses to “Sewing Tips: Easy Edge Finishing”

  1. Gail Cargile

    I have no idea what Tara is talking about

  2. Janet Hammond

    What is this all about!??

  3. Brenda N.

    I have no idea what she is trying to tell us.

  4. sandra

    The title and the video are confusing. Please remove it from the line up.

  5. Sheri

    I agree it's not clear at all but after some thought I think she's making a pillow cover for a throw pillow with a slit in the back to put your pillow in.. Like this: http://www.heytherehome.com/how-to-make-an-envelope-pillow-cover/

  6. Yazmin

    Unclear. Maybe it was so quick I missed the point.

  7. Lili

    أرجو فتح المواقع حتى نحصل على معلوماتلان المواقع فيها اعمال جيده

  8. gema

    i did not get it.

  9. forrestwife

    what exactly the tip here?

  10. kathie

    I expect better and more complete demonstration from a paid subscription. If you want to remain competitive as an instructional venue you must demonstrate and not just talk so that you are more helpful to the person learning. thanks.

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