Aurora Sisneros

Sewing Tips: How to Align Fabric Correctly

Aurora Sisneros
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Duration:   1  mins

Aurora Sisneros provides unique tips on how to align your fabric correctly. Learn how to use your fingernails like claws to scratch over your fabric. Use this technique at home to ensure your fabrics are aligned.

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13 Responses to “Sewing Tips: How to Align Fabric Correctly”

  1. penny

    great tip. thank yiu


    A large piece of fabric for quilt back that is all wonky?

  3. Jarl Nischan

    Great tip. thanks.

  4. Vicki Gainous

    Great tip. Thanks

  5. SAMI

    <strong> Ticket 30691‬ That looks like a great tip; wondering if you are working with larger pieces of material would you start scratching in the middle or what area would be best? thank you

  6. Liz

    Aren't you actually stretching the top fabric when you do that, rather than "moving" it?

  7. Phyllis Eddy

    Would love to see the video!

  8. Alice S

    The lack of captions is very disappointing. I think you are missing out on a large audience.

  9. ownyourpossible

    This is extremely helpful!

  10. mcdak

    After I click the arrow all I can see is a black screen. I do hear the audio.

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