Stacy Grissom

Sewing with Minky

Stacy Grissom
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Duration:   4  mins

Sewing with minky fabric has never been so fun and easy! Stacy Grissom discusses sewing quilts using minky fabric. Minky is a soft, cozy fabric that is great for making baby quilts for your little one, or as a gift! Watch this helpful tutorial that walks us through the set up for sewing a cute and cuddly quilt for a baby.

Enjoy this Free video on Tips for Sewing with Minky!

For more helpful tips and techniques for sewing with minky fabric, check out this article on Sewing Minky today! Learn a few new things about this cuddle fabric as well as some ideas for future projects!

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9 Responses to “Sewing with Minky”

  1. Krestina

    I see with minky all the time thank you for these amazing tips ! Also how do you start quilting is there a certain way for beginners? Do you have tutorials ?

  2. Jenny

    Nice clear voice with helpful tips!

  3. Debby

    If you have pins on the top and the bottom of your baby “how are you going to protect yourself from sewing through the pins that are underneath

  4. Gloria Teer

    Info looks interesting

  5. mary

    Have usek minky. I spray baste. no pins Works great!!

  6. Antoinette

    After placing the safety pins, do you remove the straight pins before sewing?

  7. Christine

    I would like information/tips on making quilt blocks with minky, where minky is sewn to minky. I use minky on both sides of the quilt and usually swear I will ever do it again!

  8. maryhutto

    Thanks for the tips on using this cuddly but tricky-to-sew fabric.

  9. Amryl

    These sewing tips are very helpful. Thanks very much. Do you have any sewing video on making ironing board covers?

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