Ellen March

Sewing with Minky Material or Cuddle Fabric

Ellen March
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Duration:   16  mins

Cuddle fabric, sometimes called Minky, is a soft fabric that is popular to use when sewing for children or babies. Ellen March gives you tips for how to work with this fabric, how to pair it with other fabrics and even gives several fun project ideas.

Preparing Your Space

Cuddle fabric is generally found with a short pile, which makes if very soft to the touch. However, once you cut the fabric and begin working with it you may find that the edges shed. Ellen recommends always having a lint roller available when working with this fabric so you can easily stay on top of the mess. When it comes to sewing minky, Ellen recommends using a walking foot as well as raising the presser foot pressure if you can. This is especially helpful when sewing minky to itself or another thick fabric as there is extra bulk going through the machine.

Pairing Cuddle Fabric with Other Fabric

While cuddle fabric is great to use on its own for projects it can also be easily paired with other fabrics as well, like in this fun Cuddle Monster nap wrap project. If you plan to pair minky with cotton, or another lighter weight fabric, Ellen has several suggestions that can make sewing a project easier. Ellen shares a fun pacifier clip project idea that pairs minky with cotton and shows how using lots of pins can help keep the minky from shifting. She also recommends stitching the project in a way that doesn’t require turning anything right side out, as cuddle fabric cannot be pressed and that can make stitching a turning opening closed very difficult. Ellen shares another project idea that pairs minky with satin and demonstrates how a basting spray, or temporary spray adhesive, can make stitching two tricky to work with fabrics quick and easy.

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