Shirred Valance

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Duration:   21  mins

A shirred valance is an easy way to add some color and texture to your windows. ZJ Humbach shows you how easy it is to make one in this fun tutorial.

Shirred Valance

To make a shirred valance, ZJ begins by showing the main supply needed for this project, which is shirring tape. It is a pre-made tape that is sewn to the wrong side of the valance and then gathered to create the shirred look. She shows all parts of the tape, including the sewing lines, strings, right and wrong sides, as well as how to tell the difference between the right and wrong sides. ZJ then explains the basic anatomy of a valance and how to make one. This includes how to create the hems on the sides of the valance as well as the larger hem along the bottom. ZJ shares tips on tools that she likes to use when measuring and pressing hems in place that help to ensure that they are not only the desired depth, but that they are pressed straight and crisp.

ZJ then shows how to cut the needed length of shirring tape for the valance being made and shows how to finish the edges of the tape as needed. She shows how to pin the shirring tape in place along the upper header of the valance and then stitch it in place following the stitching lines on the top and bottom of the tape. Once the tape is stitched in place, ZJ shows how to pull on the strings of the tape to gather the valance. Once it has been gathered to the desired fullness, or the width of the window it will be covering, she shows how to tie off and secure the strings on the tape.

Once you’ve covered several windows with shirred valances, learn how to make simple curtains or other fun valance options, like learning to sew a pinch-pleated valance.

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