Small Bust Adjustment

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Duration:   6  mins

Jill Case takes you through the process of making a small bust adjustment. Learn how to measure your bust size properly with two critical measurements. See what tools and/or materials you will need to make a small bust adjustment. Also, find out the importance of marking your bust apex point! Fit more comfortably in your clothes today by using these helpful tips for making a small bust adjustment!

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5 Responses to “Small Bust Adjustment”

  1. Janice Christopherson

    Very good instructions! It would be nice in written instructions as well, with photos.

  2. Janet

    You would need to fold the darts on the new paper pattern to make sure the side seam/hemline was straight before cutting off the excess at the seam portion of the dart. If you cut your muslin on Jill's new guidelines you would be lacking a little fabric at the seam once the darts were sewn.

  3. Susan

    I have just joined and haven't asked the question, how do you make this adjustment with only a side dart on the pattern?

  4. Barbara

    I'd like to know how to do an extra large full bust adjustment for larger than a D cup. It would be nice to hear from the designers who design for full busted stars like Dolly Parton.

  5. Yvette

    could you teach me how to measure and cut that pattern from scratch please

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