Brenda K.B. Anderson

Sprout Drool Bib

Brenda K.B. Anderson
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Duration:   26  mins

Whether for mealtimes or for a teething baby, Brenda K.B. Anderson designed this absorbent bandana-style bib to tuck up below the chin to catch excess drool or food spills.

Download the bib templates and print. Follow Brenda’s instructions to tape together the pattern pieces.

Cut out the designated pattern pieces from outer fabric, absorbent interlining, and backing fabric. Brenda uses flannel backing, but you can use the same cotton as the outer piece, if desired. Attach the terry cloth interlining to the wrong side of the outer fabric, using a glue stick or pins. If using a glue stick, allow the glue to dry before stitching, to avoid gumming up your needle.

Trace the leaf veins using the marks on Brenda’s templates, or freehand the lines. Zigzag stitch the interlining raw edge to attach it to the outer fabric.

Set your zigzag stitch to a satin stitch, approximately 3/16” wide and a short stitch length. Stitch along the centerline of the bib. Brenda uses a darker thread for decorative satin stitches that are boldly visible. Then stitch the leaf veins.

Once all the leaf veins are stitched, align the bib backing with the bib front, matching the notches as Brenda demonstrates. The bib lower layer is designed to be smaller than the upper layer, to allow the upper layer to wrinkle up under the baby’s chin. However, the outer perimeter is the same and will match up when stitched.

Brenda demonstrates how to stitch the perimeter of the bib, and how to clip and notch the curves to allow the seam allowances to lay flat when turned.

Topstitch the bib lower edge and straps between the noted notches, and attach the snaps as Brenda describes.

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