Stabilizing Sewing Patterns for Long-Term Use

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Duration:   1 mins

If you have a pattern that you love to use over and over again, this quick tip is for you. Jessica Giardino tells us how we can stabilize our favorite sewing patterns so that they will stay around for a long time. Jessica gives us two quick options for stabilizing patterns in this sewing tutorial.

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11 Responses to “Stabilizing Sewing Patterns for Long-Term Use”

  1. Audrey

    I’ve got hearing loss, and found this brief video difficult to follow without subtitles. Especially as it is necessary to show the pattern piece, so lip reading isn’t possible for these segments.

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  2. Debbie Andrews

    I also trace my patterns on to the fabric used for weddings, the roll used by brides for walking down the aisle. I pick it up cheap in thrift stores.

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      Hello Cindy,

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    • Debby

      I also had a problem to get this video to play until I enlarged the screen (small icon, bottom right). Once enlarged, all was good.
      I know your comment was two years ago, Joyce, but if you or anyone else finds it difficult to open a video, hopefully clicking on this icon will help.

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