ZJ Humbach

Using Steam-A-Seam

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   7  mins

In this video, ZJ Humbach demonstrates how Steam-A-Seam can be extremely helpful in your everyday sewing projects. Use it with applique or to create a hem that you don’t have to sew! Watch this video for tips and tricks on how to use Steam-A-Seam in all your sewing projects.

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5 Responses to “Using Steam-A-Seam”

  1. Jenny

    Good demonstration. I appreciate the trick for holding mitered corner in place before stitching binding down. "Steam-A-Seam" is a great product. I use it for holding label to back of quilt so I can get it hand-sewn in place.

  2. Stella

    Exeremtly helpful article, please write more.

  3. Ellen nti

    Lovely tiutorials never wil I forgive this necessary add ups to my carrier thanks to great people like you

  4. Sue

    Will this come out easily? I have a dress that I want to temporarily hem. Will steam a seam come off easily when I need to return the hem to the original length?

  5. Jeanne A.

    This was good information. However, I wish the cameraman had suggested she at least put a clean band-aid on her finger before filming close-ups of her hand! Looking at the dirty band-aid was distracting.

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