Stacy Grissom

Stitch a Quick and Easy Coin Purse Using Fabric Scraps

Stacy Grissom
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Duration:   6  mins

A zippered coin purse is a great way to use up some leftover fabric scraps. Stacy Grissom shows you how you can create one in almost any size or shape. She starts with the basic pieces you will need and then shows how to easily attach a zipper using basting tape before stitching. Basting tape is a great alternative to pins, especially on small projects where the pins can cause the fabric to pucker. After the zipper is inserted Stacy shows the few simple steps needed to stitch and finish your project. She even shares several ideas on how you can personalize or customize the project!

When attempting to stitch over a zipper, as needed in this project, it is always best to use the hand wheel when stitching over a zipper with metal teeth. Hitting metal zipper teeth with the needle can be dangerous and could harm you or damage your machine. Smaller zippers, like the ones used in this video, have plastic teeth and are easier to stitch over, however, it is still recommended that you go slowly.


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10 Responses to “Stitch a Quick and Easy Coin Purse Using Fabric Scraps”

  1. Michelle Story

    Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place, but I wish there was a list of everything you need for this project somewhere. I didn't understand what she said a couple of times.

  2. Nancy Blumberg

    I think she forgot to mention tacking the end of the zipper at the end of the length it needs to be before cutting it to fit. There should be back stitching in the beginning and I think there should be a demonstration on how to top stitch the zipper.

  3. Bjr5457

    I still like this video but will have to go elsewhere to find out how to do the zipper. She suggests how to do it, but, I really need much more than a suggestion.

  4. Lois

    They do same for the paid version

  5. Meredith

    I forgot to mention I like that idea about the basting tape for zippers! That's a great tip! Never thought about it. Always did the pins and hand basting to get it to stay in place.

  6. Meredith

    Terrific idea! I think I'll make one but make it a little bigger to put a few more things in it without having to carry around a purse! Thanks!

  7. Bryn

    There was no way to play it. If I went in through the email I think you shld have all the info.

  8. Anne

    Seriously? you skipped sewing the actually zipper on??? you didn't even talk about pivoting? It was like the you were sewing by your self and the camera and sewing lesson were a second thought. This seamed like a student video to me. Like you were the student. Once again, you might want to re shoot this over again with a more striped lesson. This could be amazing if redone.

  9. Lynda

    Thanks for the tip about basting tape. Have never used it and would be great for zippers. Thanks again.

  10. saranimals

    Nifty, thanks!

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