Beth Bradley

Make a Pot Holder with String Piecing Techniques

Beth Bradley
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Duration:   17  mins

String piecing is a fun and easy quilting technique that’s great for using up fabric scraps. In this video, Beth Bradley demonstrates the string piecing technique with a pot holder that she created and shows a couple different methods you can use for string piecing. Try your hand at quilting with this simple technique!


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10 Responses to “Make a Pot Holder with String Piecing Techniques”

  1. Claudette forss

    Interested in string techiwue

  2. Aluce

    How big is the potholder 8”?

  3. Suzanne

    She did not elaborate on what she sandwiched together for the hotpad.

  4. hobbylm63

    You do a great job!

  5. Paf

    Thank you for your great tutorial! I had not heard of the String Piecing Technique before, and I can not wait to try it. I especially loved the idea of doing pot holders and I loved the idea of using triangles to make hexagon shapes that would be great for place mats. The possibilities are endless. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  6. Janis

    This video is not playing on my computer. I've tried several times, help please

  7. Deanna T

    OMG...the iron, I kept watching the iron and your hand and arm. Yikes, please move it away. This is a great tutorial except for the iron being too close.

  8. Terry

    Thank you, this was most enjoyable and you did an excellent job explaining.

  9. Elisete Cancelier

    Por favor me responda: Que espécie de papel devo usar? Costurei com papel sulfite, ficou lindo para quem nunca costurou como eu, porém na hora de destacar o papel a linha da costura saiu junto. Precisei recosturar algumas partes novamente. Achei excelente esse método, porém estou com essa dificuldade com o papel. Bjo e Obrigada. Elis

  10. RB

    PLEASE don't have the iron so close! :-( It's really distracting (and dangerous). Keep it turned away from you or rest it to the far side of the workspace.

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