ZJ Humbach

Tips for Building a Sewing Library

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   12  mins

Whether you want to refresh your memory on old sewing techniques or you want to learn something new, having a sewing library can be a great help. ZJ Humbach explains the importance of a good range of sewing books, shares some of her favorites, and gives tips for how to start building your own sewing library.


While having a vast sewing library is a great resource, starting to build a sewing library can be intimidating. ZJ shares her top four must-have books for any library and explains why they are the best resources to have. The first of her favorite books is the Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing. This book includes information on everything from how to sew pockets, sleeves and collars, to how to do techniques like ruffles and how to fit and tailor garments. ZJ’s next must-have book for your sewing library is any book from the Singer Sewing Library. The Singer Library has books on a variety of topics so you can select the one that best fits your sewing interests, or you can pick one more geared around sewing essentials that includes information on basic sewing techniques, tools and a glossary of sewing terms. The third book ZJ recommends having when trying to build a sewing library is Sewing 911. This book shows you how to fix common sewing mistakes including how to fix a buttonhole if you accidentally cut it too far. The final book ZJ recommends is the manual for your sewing machine. Not only will this help you fix any issue you may have with your machine, it can also help you with some common sewing practices as well.


Once you have a good core set of books it’s time to build a sewing library that has a diversity of sewing resources. ZJ shares example of some of the other types of reference books you can have including more detailed books on garment sewing and fitting, books about home decor sewing, reference manuals for sergers as well as book that teach you how to make time for sewing and save time while doing it.

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