Tara Rex

Tips for Mixing and Matching Sewing Fabrics

Tara Rex
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Duration:   2  mins

If you’ve been sewing a while, or even if you’ve just recently started, you’ve probably got more than a few pieces of fabric lying around your sewing room. And while just one of those fabrics may not be enough to complete a project, combining multiple fabrics could get it done. Tara Rex shows you that it’s okay to mix-and-match sewing fabrics – even combining polka dots with stripes!

Auditioning your fabrics before cutting anything out is an important part of sewing, especially if you want to eliminate possible fabric waste. Simply lying fabrics out on a table to see if they complement each other – or clash – helps you get a better idea of what your finished project will look like. Tara shows you several examples of what works and what doesn’t, and also gives ideas of what to keep in mind when auditioning your fabric, like what the project is and who you are making it for.

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7 Responses to “Tips for Mixing and Matching Sewing Fabrics”

  1. Janette

    Where are the ‘tips’ ? She said she didnt like the colorful fabric with the black and white but didnt say why. Her message was simply choose whatever you like. Not helpful at all.

  2. Darlene B Marchina

    Looking for ideas for fabric coordination. What about using a color wheel for suggestions on what colors of fabric go together? Any ideas?

  3. LIsa

    I expected tips on how to choose colors and patterns that compliment each other. I know personal taste is important, as I think most people do. So this video was pointless to me.

  4. Roxanne

    2 1/2 minutes of my life that I will never get back. No information worthy of calling this a tip class. Please pull this video from your inventory.

  5. Janet

    I thought this video might cover mixing fibres, such as cotton with polyester, and what to consider when you do that. Love Tara, but sorry, there was no point to this video.

  6. Gayle

    Besides telling you that this is all up to your personal taste, there are not any tips. What about pulling out colors from the patterns, or anything would be helpful beyond what this video says!

  7. Linda

    This was not very informative. When you keep saying it's your personal taste and not even explain your way of thinking for fabrics to go together. Waste of time to watch

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