Beth Bradley

Types of Interfacing Fabric and Interfacing Sewing

Beth Bradley
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Duration:   19  mins

Beth Bradley teaches you about the various types of woven and nonwoven interfacing that can be fusible or non-fusible, and shows how to make the point of interfacing invisible. She also demonstrates how to cut the grain of the interfacing to match the fabric.

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14 Responses to “Types of Interfacing Fabric and Interfacing Sewing”

  1. Maggie

    What brand of Woven or Non-Woven interfacing should I use on Polyester Tshirts. I am making Tshirt quilts

  2. Maria Thirlwall

    Hi, which interfacing for a baby’s memory quilt would you use, I’m n the UK?

  3. Hope

    Do you pre wash fusible interfacing?

  4. Kim

    Very clear concise video. I have learned a lot. :)


    Thank you, this was very helpful and informative!

  6. Janet

    Very comprehensive, thank you Beth.

  7. deb

    thanks beth, a very informative video. although i have been sewing on and off for years, interfacing has been my nemesis. the facts and tips you shared have been very helpful.

  8. Judi mitchell

    Thank you for this informative and nicely presented article on interfacing and fusables, very helpful,with my current project of quilt piecing with men's neck ties where he need to @"support" the bias cut silk material.

  9. Suzie

    Beth, this was a great demonstration of types of interfacing & when & how to use them! I know this is a very beginner question but after interfacing is pressed & adhered onto the fabric, when sewing it to the other piece of fabric, (right sides together), how far onto the interfacing do you stitch the pieces together before turning right sides out?

  10. Laurie

    Excellent video, she did a great job with all the different types of interfacings and a very good explanation of how to iron on and stitch on. ( o :

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