Ashley Hough

Different Types of Thread for Sewing

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   10  mins

Using the right type of thread can help your sewing project go smoothly. Ashley Hough teaches you about some of the different types of thread and gives tips on when to use them.

Types of Thread

There are many types of thread—from cotton to silk to invisible—and knowing when to use the right one can be tricky. Ashley shares that, if in doubt, it is always a good idea to match fabric fiber content with thread fiber. This means that if you are sewing with 100% cotton fabric, you should use cotton thread, and if you are sewing with polyester fabric, you should use polyester thread. This helps to ensure that some of the characteristics of thread are also found in the fabric—meaning if your fabric has some stretch or give to it, your thread should as well.

Another good option, if you are unsure what type of thread to use, is an all-purpose thread. This type of thread is generally a cotton and polyester blend, meaning it will work well for several different types of fabric. Different types of thread also come in different weights or thicknesses, which can be used to either help your stitching blend in on a project or help it to stand out, for example when topstitching. Ashley also talks about some of the types of thread that are naturally finer than others, like silk. Silk thread is very strong and therefore does not need to be as thick as some cotton threads to be as sturdy.

Thread Spools

Ashley also shares more tips and techniques by pointing out some of the differences in thread spools. In general, some of the smaller spools hold less thread; however, it is always a good idea to check and see how many yards or meters of thread are on the spool because lighter weight or thinner thread spool sizes can be deceiving.

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2 Responses to “Different Types of Thread for Sewing”

  1. shrptck

    I just want to say thank you for this great forum. I found a solution here on for my issue.

  2. Jann Elaine Eleodinmuo

    Very helpful, thank you. I have bought one of those big spools for a project I was making (upholstery thread for a canvas teepee I made for my kids) and it was really difficult to keep it on my machine. Perhaps I was missing some kind of attachment or something?

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