Mastering Muslins: Perfect Pattern Fit

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Duration:   6  mins

Have you ever wondered what a muslin is? Why is it called a muslin, and how can it help fix fit issues in a pattern?

In this video, Janet Pray explains that a muslin is called a muslin because they are generally made of a fabric called muslin, an unbleached, inexpensive cotton. The process of sewing a muslin sample of a pattern is a good way to test if the pattern will fit you properly and what changes need to be made before you cut out the pattern pieces in the final fabric.

After choosing the pattern size you think will fit you best, testing the pattern to be sure all areas will fit you correctly can reduce time and frustration when stitching the final garment. Not every pattern piece needs to be cut out to sew a muslin mockup. For example, only one sleeve is sufficient for fitting purposes, rather than cutting out both.

Transfer fit points, such as the waist point and bust point, onto the muslin. Once your muslin is stitched, check that these fit points hit in the correct position and that the side seam falls correctly. If you don’t have a dress form and are fitting yourself, you will need assistance determining if the garment fits properly.

You can sew a muslin out of a fabric that is more similar to your final fabric to better determine how the final fabric will drape and hang when completed. Janet also discusses the benefits of using a gingham check for your muslin and how purchasing and fitting a sloper to your body can help make future pattern adjustments easier.

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