Jessica Giardino

Understanding the Basic Parts of a Sewing Machine

Jessica Giardino
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Duration:   2  mins

Knowing and understanding the basic parts of a sewing machine can be very helpful in not only learning how to diagnose possible problems, but in learning how to sew as well. Jessica Giardino explains all of the basic parts of a sewing machine and what they do.

Sewing Machine Parts

Once you learn the basic parts of a sewing machine, understanding what your sewing machine manual, tutorials, or other instructional videos are telling you can become much easier. No matter what brand or type of machine you have, basic sewing machine terminology is the same. Jessica points out several of the basic machine parts, explains what they are called or referred to as, and also shares what each part does.

Sewing Machine Mechanics

There are many different parts that make a sewing machine work. While most of those parts may be on the inside of the machine, there are still quite a few on the outside that are important to know about. Jessica shows important features located on the top of most machines, including the bobbin winder, tension guides, and thread spool holders. She also points out features that are typically found on the front of machines, including stitch selectors, speed selectors, and more tension guides as well as buttons that change sewing direction and cut thread. She then moves on to explain some of the important parts of a sewing machine located where the actual sewing is taking place. Jessica explains what feed dogs are, shows what a bobbin housing and throat plate is, explains what the presser foot is and does, and shows what an automatic needle threader looks like. All of these parts are important to know when learning how to use a sewing machine as well as learning about cleaning your sewing machine. Once you haveall of the important parts of a sewing machine, you can move on to learning more about parts of a needle, different kinds of thread and fabric, and other helpful skills that will take your sewing to the next level.

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