Ashley Hough

Understanding Different Types of Thimbles

Ashley Hough
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Duration:   5  mins

Whether you use a thimble in your everyday sewing or only on certain projects, there are many types of thimbles that are perfect for every person and project.

Types of Thimbles

When thinking of the important sewing tools that most people have in their sewing room, the standard thimble comes to mind. While this is a tried and true favorite, it does not work for everyone. Ashley Hough shows several different types of thimbles that can be found at many craft and fabric stores today.

These different types of thimbles include thimbles made from silicon and hard plastic, which make them more comfortable to wear while still protecting your finger. Another type of thimble that Ashley shows is great for people who have longer fingernails and are not able to wear a traditional thimble- whether made from metal or hardened plastic. This thimble is open at the top and is adjustable, making it great for any size of finger.

Ashley also shows types of thimbles that are non- traditional. These include thimbles that can be worn on your hand like a ring, allowing you to push a needle through your work using a different part of your finger or the palm of your hand. This thimbles are also adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about buying the correct ring size.

Another fun thimble option Ashley shows is one that is more of a multi tool than a standard thimble. This tool gives you the option of either pushing the needle through your work or pulling it. This tools also includes and thread cutter and is a great option for people with finger dexterity issues. After you learn about some of the fun types of thimbles to add to your sewing tool collection, check out more sewing tips and techniques.

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4 Responses to “Understanding Different Types of Thimbles”

  1. Emma

    I've found the multi-use red/pink thimble; it's made by Sew Easy in the UK, and called 3-in-1 Sew Easy Needle Puller Thread Cutter & Thimble

  2. Emma

    As Heather said, what is the make/name of the last thimble, the red multi function one? Where can we buy it? Never seen on like that in the UK, and would love to buy one!

  3. Vanessa Childs

    I personally us a handmade leather thimbles. I had tried many other types and this was the best for me. I also have two one closed and one open for when my nails are longer. As was said but it can be important is that metal thimbles and some other types of thimbles come in different sizes. This can sometimes be a reason why they don't feel right on your finger.

  4. Heather Stillman

    What is the name of the pink thimble for arthritic fingers? Where could I buy it from? Thanks

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