Upcycle T-Shirt Project: Sew a Beaded Neckline

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Duration: 21:29

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There are many ways to dress up a simple t-shirt. Ashley Hough shares a fun way to upcycle a t-shirt by adding a simple beaded neckline.

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Upcycle T-Shirt Supplies

For this method of upcycling a t-shirt you will need a t-shirt, preferably one with a banded neckline, beads and a hand sewing needle. Ashley explains what kinds of beads work best for this project, which are beads that have the opening along the top and bottom of the bead as opposed to the sides. These beads work better because of the way they will be attached. She also explains what length of bead works best for this upcycle t-shirt method. If the beads you choose to use are shorter, Ashley shows that several beads can be stacked together to reach a usable length.


Ashley shows how do begin this upcycle t-shirt method by cutting off the banded neckline of the shirt. She explains where to cut the shirt so that there is enough fabric below the neckline to hem. Ashley then shows how to fold over and zig-zag stitch the neckline to create a finished edge. She then explains that the same hemming technique is used on the top of the t-shirt to create a finished edge on it as well.

Once the shirt has been hemmed Ashley shows how to line up the t-shirt neckline and body and begin sewing it back together with the beads. She gives tips on where to place the beads as well as how to evenly space them around the neckline. Ashley demonstrates how to sew the beads in place and gives tips on how to hide the knots and ensure that the beads is secure. Once you have completed this upcycle t-shirt method, transform your closet with more t-shirt projects including upcycling a t-shirt with lace.