Using Bias Fabric Grain

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Duration:   6  mins

Kair Bjordahl will help you get started making a garment on the bias, adding bias strips to a project, or binding a project using bias binding. She introduces you to her three steps to learning about the basics of grain, shows how to cut out a pattern piece on the bias, and even showcases some cool garments that will inspire you to get started.

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5 Responses to “Using Bias Fabric Grain”

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  1. Laura

    Kair Bjordahl Mentions to purchase extra amounts of fabric when planning to cut on the bias. As a beginner and one who usually goes over board. Is there a way to figure how much extra fabric to purcase for my project?

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      Hello Laura,

      This would really depend on the project you are making. If you are following a commercial pattern it should tell you how much extra fabric you would need to buy.

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  2. Laurie

    Great video. I have made hundreds of yards of bias tape in a variety of fabrics, for the various projects over the years. I always hang a garment overnight whether I made it or am hemming a customer item, before ,I hem, just to avoid a redo. Clothing cut on the bias has a wonderful drape, if you have the patience, which I don’t, so I often procrastinate on something for myself. And I love to sew binding in some pretty fabric to accent a gift of maybe, potholders or a baby quilt. And a nightgown in silk. The options are endless. Thanks for a great video. This should help a lot of sewing newbies to a wonderful way to expand their sewing capabilities.

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